1.1620 window profile

Robust, inexpensive, varied.

1.1620 window profile

The roller door profile 1.1620 is the all-rounder among single wall roller door profiles as a result of the diversity of versions as window, grille and perforated plate profile and the wide selection of material types, thicknesses and surfaces.

It meets the requirements for a classic, sturdy roller door in appearance and function and is frequently also used in doors that have to withstand frequent loading.
The arched form permits relatively slight tube and barrel diameters.


number of slats per mtr
thickness of slats
22 mm
minimum size of tube
133 mm
fitting bottom rail(s)
1.1210, 1.1240, 1.1268
size of windows [mm]
100 x 30
number of grid cut-outs per mtr
air / light passage [%]

weight per m (m²) at 1,25 mm

steel, stainless steel
1,40 (15,4) kg
0,51 (5,61) kg
thickness of material [mm]  1,25  1,50
galvanized steel x  x
galvanized steel, plastic coated  x  
aluminium, bright x  x
aluminium, plastic coated x
stainless steel  x