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Everything goes unto the test bench.

Everything goes onto the test bench

Before new materials and profile types are used, they are subjected to extensive internal and external testing. In particular, the heat and sound insulating properties of our profiles are verified by appropriate certification.

We also supply shot, explosion or break-in resistant roller shutters; naturally, with the required certificates.

Test reports

  • Heat insulation:
    Approval according to DIN 52612 and DIN EN 13241-1 Anhang B (PDF, 64kB)
  • Sound insulation:
    Approval of roller door profile 1.100 D in a range of product variants as well as roller door profile IsoPlus and 1.95 R according to DIN 52210 Teil 3 and DIN ISO 140-3.
    (PDF, 64 kB)
  • Gunshot resistance:
    A special version of roller door profile 1.100D was classified as resistance class M3-SF by the Beschußamt Ulm (Ulm Ballistics Agency) (PDF, 38 kB)
  • Terrorism protection:
    A special version of 100D was tested for resistance to shock pressure of up to 2 bar by the Frauenhofer Institut für Kurzzeitdynamik (Institute for High Speed Dynamics)

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