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Thanks to our partner organizations we have various opportunities to support sustainable change in other parts of the world by helping people to help themselves.

Here you will find information about our Christmas campaign projects 2021:

Christmas projects 2021

Helping people to help themselves


Social responsibility has always been important for our company philosophy, without talking much about it.
Until our partner OID (Opportunity International Deutschland) has convinced us, that many people would like to contribute to social welfare, if they only knew how to be sure to reach the people in need.

For many years we contributed to actions of "ANDHERI HILFE", giving back the eyesight to about 1900 persons in India and Bangladesh. E.g. our christmas project 2017 makes possible the operation of 240 blind persons in Bangladesh and thus enables them to live independently again.
As in 2017, when the operation of 240 blind people in Bangladesh was made possible through our Christmas project, we will contribute with our Christmas project in 2021 to ensure that people there no longer have to be cared for as blind by their families, but can stand on their own two feet again and even contribute to the support of their families. That is a sustainable improvement in the living situation of people in less privileged countries.

Our christmas project 2020 offered the choice between three different projects of our partners - the first one affects people whose existence is threatened by the pandemic, the second the support of needy people and the third the education funding of unemployed young people in Bangladesh. The clear vote of some of our customers for the local project has encouraged us to consider the food distribution point for needy people in Ennepetal again this year with part of our donation.

Our christmas project 2019 allowed access to school education for students from extremely poor families in Ghana by scholarships and prevented these children from dropping out of school and suffering from their family's poverty for a lifetime. As adults they have better chances in the job market with a higher school qualification. With the support of the microschools, this project will enable the adults of tomorrow to have a lasting life perspective in Ghana.

As part of the aid project of OID - our christmas project 2018 - 100 microfinance clients were trained as health consultants and 100 trained health consultants were trained as health entrepreneurs. Training as a health consultant includes hygiene, health and first aid taining.
All 200 women pass this knowledge on to the families in their villages. In addition, the villagers receive assistance in applying for state subsidies and microcredits for toilet construction.

Our christmas project 2016 supported the Youth Apprenticeship Program (YAP), sponsored by our partner organization OID, which allows young people a three-year apprenticeship in skilled crafts and trades, who could otherwise not afford any training. The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development quadruples all donations for the YAP program. As a result, the amount of our Christmas Project sum of 10000 € increases to 40000 €! An apprenticeship of three years costs approx. 1200 € per person. In this way - and thanks to your renouncement of gifts! - the training of 33 people is made possible.

We are convinced of the effectiveness of micro finance services for needy people. With our christmas project 2013 "Help for rice farmers in Ghana" we equipped needy rice farmers in Ghana with small amounts of money, so they could earn their own livings for themselves and their families.

Information about our partner organisation ANDHERI HILFE (Bonn): www.andheri-hilfe.de

Information about our partner organisation Opportunity International Deutschland (OID): www.oid.org