Christmas project 2021

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Christmas Project 2021

As in previous years, with our Christmas project we want to make a difference in places where people are in need - in third world countries or "right on our doorstep".

This year, with part of our Christmas campaign totaling € 12,000,  we want to help blind people in Bagladesch to lead an independent life through eye surgery like we did in previous years.
Another part of this amount will go to the food distribution point for needy people in Ennepetal again this year - in accordance with the vote of our customers during our Christmas campaign 2020:

Food distribution in Ennepetal

In the small food distribution shop on Lindenstrasse in Ennepetal-Voerde - a distribution point for the Wuppertaler Tafel - volunteers provide people in need from Ennepetal and the surrounding area with food two days a week.

Wuppertaler Tafel e.V.

Eye operations on blind people in Bangladesh

One of the particular problems in the crisis-ridden state of Bangladesh is the strikingly frequent blindness of people of all ages due to malnutrition and malnutrition (e.g. vitamin A deficiency), a lack of treatment options, a lack of preventive care, hygiene and education.
Our partner organization ANDHERI HILFE has been promoting eye health in Bangladesh for over 40 years. So far, over 1.4 million eye operations on blind or visually impaired people have been carried out with the help of donations.

With our Christmas campaign we want to contribute again this year to the fact that people there no longer have to be cared for by their families as blind people, but can stand on their own two feet again and even contribute to the maintenance of their families. That is a sustainable improvement in the living situation of people in less privileged countries.

Andhéri Hilfe