Roller shutter profile 1.1590

preferred for wide roller shutters - even under special conditions such as permafrost and increased wind loads.


Due to its sturdiness and size, the roller door section 1.1590 is preferred for wide roller doors.

It was designed to ensure that the eye was covered when it was closed so that no water can penetrate. As a result, it is suitable for use in extreme weather situations such as for roller doors which are supposed to remain mobile even in the face of severe frost.

When the roller door closes, the overlapping undersides of the sections cover the section beneath them, creating additional stability.


number of slats per mtr
thickness of slats
minimum size of tube
fitting bottom rail(s)
1.1220, 1.1299

weight per m (m²) at 1,00 mm

galvanized steel
1,62 (14,5)
0,56 (5,1)
thickness of material [mm] 1,00 1,25
galvanized steel x x
aluminium, bright x x
max. width [mm] (wind class 2) 1,00 1,25
steel 9800   10800
aluminium 7000 7800
max. width [mm] (wind class 2) with storm hooks 1,00  1,25
steel 14000 17000
aluminium 10000 13000