Roller shutter profiles TH80 / ALU R und TH100

now from Ennepetal

Roller shutter profiles TH80 and TH100 now from Ennepetal

The move of the newly acquired systems for the production of aluminum roller doors from Roermond to Ennepetal is largely done - you can order now the roller shutter profiles TH80 / ALU R und TH100 from Ferdinand Braselmann.

The steel roller shutter RPU20-95 has been established in Ennepetal for years and the aluminum roller shutters ALU R, TH80 and TH100 are now brought together under one roof and produced unchanged.
Our roller door configurator is currently being expanded to include the TH80 / ALU R and TH100 profiles, so that from 01.03.2021 you will have the option of calculating roller door kits with these profiles not only using as well as our roller door configurator (with the access to the corresponding dimensioned assembly drawing).

Information on profile types TH80 / ALU R and TH100 can be found on the corresponding product pages:
Roller shutter profile TH80 / ALU R
Roller shutter profile TH100

Roller shutter profile TH80 / ALU R
Roller shutter profile TH100

Roller shutter door kits with profile types TH80 / ALU R und TH100

The roller shutter door kits with these profiles will by now be equipped with the proven components of our other roller shutter door kits.
Thus we hope to be able to offer our customers corresponding added value.

A compact overview over the standard equipment for the roller shutter door kits TH80 / ALU R and TH100 can be found in the leaflets below:



The most important differences compared to the previous equipment are:

  1. The shutter is mounted directly on the new optimized tube. This can still be optionally selected.
  2. The controls and engines are sourced from GfA and the Tormatic controls are not possible anymore.
    (Normally the TS971 will be confirmed but you have an additional choice between TS981 and TS959)
  3. We will enclose our guide rail 1.1369 and our own consoles. 
    It‘s possible to select optionally a torque mount, a pressing console and a cover made of steel.
  4. The sealing lip is integrated in the shutter with an EPDM system instead of a brush.
  5. All components of the roller shutter door kit are packed on one pallet.
    Up to ten window slats can be mounted in succession.
  6. The profiles TH80 / ALU R & TH100 are available with a coil coating in RAL 7016, RAL 9002, RAL 9006, RAL 9007 or RAL 9010.
    The Microrip surface is no longer disposable.
  7. Our information for the dimensions of our shutters given by our online door kit configurator refer to wind class 3 standard.
  8. The maximum dimensions for roller shutter doors with profile type TH80 / ALU R are 5000 mm x 5000 mm and
    for profile type TH100 max. 7000 mm x 6000 mm (larger dimensions on request).