Roller Shutter Door Profile 1.100 D Terrorism Protection Version

- a special version of our proven 1.100 D for use in vulnerable areas

Roller Shutter Profile 1.100 D in Terrorism Protection Version

For use in the area of terrorism protection, the roller door profile 1.100 D was reinforced with an inserted special profile that ensures particularly high flexural strength.

A single roller shutter of the type „Braselmann 1.100 D terrorism protection“ made of 1.25 mm steel profiles (dimensions 1400 x 1400 mm) with forged steel endlocks and steel guide rails was tested.
The roller shutter withstood a pressure surge load with values according to DIN 52290 Part 5 - Class D3 (2 bar), which corresponds to a load of approx. 20 to / m².
Both the profiles and the riveted endlocks withstood this enormous load despite severe deformation.

roller door profile 1.100 D

number of slats per mtr
thickness of slats
~ 23 mm
minimum size of tube
219 mm

weight per m (m²) in kg at 1.25 mm

6.80 kg (68 kg)

maximum door width

steel 1.25 mm
8000 mm