Roller Shutter Profile 1.100 D M3SF in Special Bullet Resistant Design

- a version of our proven 1.100 D for special security requirements

1.100 D M3SF Special Bullet Resistant Design

The bullet resistant version of the tried and tested 1.100 D roller shutter profile has been developed for roller shutters in areas of application where special security measures are required.

Roller shutter stainless steel doors with 1.100 D profile in this special bullet resistant design have been classified as resistance class M3-SF by the gun and ammunition testing authority in Ulm, Germany.
.44 calibre fired from 3 m distance.

For lesser requirements, we have an expert report from the Deutsche Versuchs- und Prüfanstalt für Jagd- und Sportwaffen e.V. (German Research and Testing Institute for Hunting and Sporting Firearms)

roller door profile 1.100 D

number of slats per mtr
thickness of slats
~ 24 mm
minimum size of tube
219 mm

weight per m (m²) in kg at 1.00 mm

stainless steel
5.35 (53.5)

maximum door width

stainless steel 1.00 mm
8000 mm