Guide Rail 1.1368

The big one.

Guide rail 1.1368

This guide rail is extra large and is therefore particularly suitable for larger roller shutter doors.

It is partially twofold. Thanks to the overhang of the inner profile part, it offers additional protection against pulling out the storm hook under particularly high wind loads.

The guide rail 1.1368 can be used in connection with almost all common roller shutter profiles and accommodate all storm hooks (except roller storm hooks).
The inset PVC sealing strip reduces wear and improves smooth running.

All PVC sealing strips are also available with a sealing brush; the grey PVC strip can also be provided with an integrated sealing lip.
In addition, reinforcement brackets suitable for protection of the guide rails against deformation under high wind loads are available.

material  galvanized steel
measures  105 x 85 x 105 / 3mm
weight per m  9.2
in standard lenght of  6600 mm
spacing of holes  600 mm
combinations of PVC strips  
PVC grey / grey  1.100 D; ISO-SL; 1.100 R; Iso-Plus; 1.95 R; 1.1460; 1.1560; opening width 27 mm
PVC grey / green  1.1440; 1.1620; 1.1630; opening width 24 mm