Improved attachement of protection belts

on the inside of fast running doors ALU R

Tested and improved: Protections belts for the roller shutter door kits ALU R

Very good results for TH80 / ALU R with protection belts in the endurance test:
The photo on the left shows the roller shutter with TH80 / ALU R in our test stand after more than 43000 cycles, still with almost no signs of wear!

Running noise:
Another effect convinced us - the shutter rolls up and down with almost no running noise. Only the noise of the drive seemes to be left.

Improved fastening:
In connection with the test, we have significantly improved the fastening of the protection belts:
A special fitting ensures reliable attachment to the bottom rail, but can be removed with just one movement.

This fitting also improves the safety in handling, because if a person, for example, gets their arm behind the protection belt, the fitting will release itself at the corresponding height and set free the arm.

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The new fittings as a safety factor: