Christmas Project 2018

A health project in India

Our christmas project 2018

As in previous years, we have selected a project of our partner organization OID (Opportunity International Germany) for our Christmas project this year, which will bring about a lasting improvement in the difficult situation for many people:


Can the precarious health situation in India, where children still die from actually easy-to-treat diseases, be improved AND, AT THE SAME TIME, women be given the chance to work themselves out of poverty in a dignified manner?
The health project of OID (Opportunity International Germany) in India shows: Yes, it is possible!

As part of this aid project, 100 microfinance clients are trained as health consultants and 100 trained health consultants are trained as health entrepreneurs. Training as a health consultant includes hygiene, health and first aid taining.
All 200 women pass this knowledge on to the families in their villages. In addition, the villagers receive assistance in applying for state subsidies and microcredits for toilet construction.
The 100 health consultants, who are trained as health entrepreneurs, receive in-depth training on income-generating activities in the health and hygiene sector.
All 200 women earn income from the sale of health and hygiene products, e.g. through the sale of sanitary napkins produced by ten salaried women in an OID manufacturing facility.

-> read more about the project

-> read more about OID (Opportunity International Deutschland)

The non-profit association ZF helps e.V. considers this health project in India to be particularly eligible for support and therefore donates about 80 percent of the required project funds.

As a result, our contribution is quintupled!

Many thanks to our customers!

By renouncing the traditional Christmas gift for the benefit of needy people in less privileged countries, you are helping to bring lasting benefits to many people in less privileged countries!