1.100 D reverse coiling profile

Our classic: High stability, large variety, clear lines. Also suitable for very large roller doors and special challenges.

1.100 D

The great stability, clear lines and a variety of versions make the 1.100 D roller door profile a popular classic.

Specialties include a suitable sealing lip profile, tests for sound and thermal insulation and gunfire protection for certain models and certification as a terrorism-protection roller door for one special model.

Also available with coloured coating in all RAL-colours, with plastic coating like RAL 9002 (aluminium 0.80 mm, 1.00 mm und 1.25 mm) and with coil coating like RAL 3000, 5010, 7016, 8017, 9006, 9016 (aluminium 1.00 mm).

roller door profile 1.100 D

number of slats per mtr
thickness of slats
23 mm
minimum size of tube
159 mm
fitting bottom rail(s)
1.1278, 1.1230, 1.123N

weight per m (m²) in kg at 1,00 mm polystyrene

steel, stainless steel
2,75 (27,5)
1,0 (10,0)
thickness of material [mm]  1,00  1,25   0,80  1,50
steel  x x  x  x  x
galvanized steel, plastic coated    x  x     
aluminium    x  x  x  x
aluminium, plastic coated  x  x  x  
stainless steel  x  x  x  
max. width [mm] (wind class 2)    1,00  1,25  0,80  1,50
steel, stainless steel  8500  9900  10700  8500  11800
aluminium  6800  7800  6100  8600