Optimized tube (patented)

for roller shutter door kits

Zeichnung optimierte Welle ohne Profile

• Galvanising and improved safety

The shaft is made of strip galvanised steel.

The flex-mounted top rail rests across the entire width of the shutter.

Zeichnung optimierte Welle mit erstem Profil

• Optimised start-up

The optimised axle position results in a reduction of the starting torque needed for rolling up the shutter.

Zeichnung optimierte Welle mit erster Rolltor-Profil-Wicklung

• Rounder barrel

The top rail mounting is integrated into the tube in such a way that the profiles can rest above the mount in a nearly perfect circular shape when rolled up.

Zeichnung optimierte Welle mit Rolltor-Profil-Wicklungen

• Smooth running

Optimised axle position and rounder shape of the barrel result in significantly smoother operation when rolling up and unrolling the shutter.

New standard in roller shutter door kits

In the future, this tube will be used as standard in roller shutter door kits with the profile types ISO-SL, 1.95R and RPU 20-95.

Roller shutter doors with the RPU 20-95 profile are distributed exclusively by www.doorcalculation.com.
Other systems for standard and rapid action roller shutter doors can be configured and ordered using the Braselmann roller door configurator at https://www.doorkitconfigurator.com.

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