Christmas Project 2019

Education for children in microschools in Ghana

Our christmas project 2019

As in previous years, we have selected a project of our partner organization OID (Opportunity International Germany) for our Christmas project this year, which can bring about a lasting improvement in the difficult life situation for children in Ghana:


With our Christmas campaign, we want to make a further contribution to combating the causes of flight as permanently as possible by granting access to education to particularly poor students at microschools - small private schools in Ghana - through a scholarship:

In order to counter the problems in the education system, educational entrepreneurs set up their own small schools - many can benefit from a start-up through micro-loans. With their microschools, they respond to the demand within their communities and, above all, offer children from rural areas and poorer families access to education with state-recognized school qualifications.

Scholarships for students from extremely poor families prevent these children from dropping out of school and suffering from their family's poverty for a lifetime. As adults they have better chances in the job market with a higher school qualification. With the support of the microschools, this project will enable the adults of tomorrow to have a lasting life perspective in Ghana.

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Many thanks to our customers!

By renouncing the traditional Christmas gift for the benefit of needy people in less privileged countries, you are helping to bring lasting benefits to many people in less privileged countries!